One of the most powerful principles I strive to apply to my life to improve pretty much everything is to always strive to leave things a little better.

You can apply this principle from the small and trivial - e.g. whenever you leave a room try to leave it slightly cleaner or tidier than when you entered it - to the big things in your life: Make it a point to ensure people you encounter feel better or are in a better situation when you leave them.

There is an immense amount of power in this.

Build the habit of always improving

In the small, it compounds to improve every aspect of your life by building the habit of not leaving things until they become overwhelming. Your surroundings become tidier, your todo list gets those small obnoxious tasks wiped off it (because the small tasks are easy to knock off when you "need" to find a way to leave things better), and you become gradually more productive as you look for ways to leave things better in terms of your processes.

It becomes an addiction after a while to always find that one extra thing - to go from room to room and pick up that something extra to tidy up to make up for that thing you put down, all the while feeling like you're not actually tidying up; to tick off that one extra task; to find that one extra tweak that makes your next work day run smoother.

In your social life

It applies to your social life and romantic life too: Is someone looking down? What can you do to leave them slightly happier than before. Often all it takes is a smile. How can you alter your approach to picking someone up to make her feel that she is better off for meeting you, even after you've parted?

This latter is, I feel, an essential part of the masculine: You should be protective and nurturing. Especially if you put in a lot of effort to get good at seduction, you have a range from total manipulating douchebag that leaves people feeling used and abused, to being that guy that will leave her dreamy-eyed when she thinks back. You should strive to be the latter, not just because leaving people happy is the right thing to do, but also because it will leave you feeling so much better about yourself, and it will infuse your whole personality.

You will come across (and be!) so much more genuine if you can honestly tell yourself that she is lucky to meet you, because you know you will both have a great time.

How to approach it

The overall principle is to aim to always leave things in a sufficiently better state than they were in before you entered a given situation, that things on average keeps getting better.

E.g. whenever you enter the kitchen, try to clean up one thing more than you use. If you forget now and again things get worse, but by leaving things better as often as possible, the occasional mishap will be rectified without suddently having a massive amount of work.

Maybe you need to clean up two things, or five things, to account for the mishaps or laziness. Or perhaps you need to address the laziness. But the overall principle remains the same:

  • Every time you pass through a room, try to leave it in a better state than when you entered.
  • Every time you work on a something, try to improve on some small aspect of it before you're done with your main task.
  • Every day, try to go to bed with less chaos (in your home/ your head / your emotional life) than when you got up in the morning.
  • Every day you use a tool, try to find a simple way to get more efficient at using it, or improving it (e.g. lear that one extra keyboard shortcut in th applications you use every day)
  • Every time you talk to someone, try to make the conversation a bit more meaningful / fun /exciting.
  • Every time someone crosses your path, try to brighten their day just that little bit extra, even if it is just a smile
  • Every time you go out, try to push eye contact one step further.

Try to be mindful of the aspects of your life where you can apply this. Spend a few weeks trying. Treat it as mindfulness meditation: If your drift away from it, gently push yourself to apply the principle again and don't worry too much about it. You should quickly notice changes to your approach to your life. Make notes of it. See if you can improve that a little bit each day too. Let it drive a self-reinforcing spiral towards being your very best.