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Read that title out loud for yourself. Just how wrong does it sound?

Notice how negative it is? Human contact is a "problem". It could be framed positively:

More human contact would make me happier

But there's no hint at happiness here. It's a problem.

The title popped into my head this morning. This is why being mindful is so important: So you catch these things as they appear and get a chance to consider where it comes from, and why, rather than allowing it to slide on by for your mind to start consider as a partial truth.

Human contact has often had connotations of "problem" for me. It requires scheduling to fit into my busy life. Humans are unreliable and messy. And talking to them requires dealing with social anxieties. And no matter how much I deal with them, every now and again, thoughts like the title pop into my head.

Yes, my friends, you are "problems" to me. Contrary to the typical extrovert, for me every interaction costs me energy and forces me to take steps to keep my anxieties in check. And this is after years of concentrated effort to get rid of it.

Your mind creates these things all the time. Don't try to force them to stop (that's like being told to stop thinking about polar bears) - let them drift on past, but pay attention.

And and learn about them, not from them.