The mission: To teach and spread knowledge of how to become a better man.

What does being a man mean? How can you be a masculine, attractive guy without becoming a misogynist asshole on one hand, or a pussy whipped wimp on the other?

Too many men today don't know their role. They've grown up with ideals of gender equality, but are struggling to hold on to male ideals.

Being strong. Being masculine. Being assertive. Being a gentleman. Being a seducer. Being a hunter.

All of these are part of being manly, of being attractive to women, of embracing the aspects of masculinity that are positive and that brings out the best of men.

Is this site only for men?

No! While most of what I'm writing has been written from a male perspective, a lot of it is applicable regardless of gender. I also welcome comments (by e-mail, or as comments) from female readers - I also want to learn more about women...

I make no excuses about being a champion of masculine traits - I don't believe most women want men to turn into weak willed wimps, but I'm in no way a misogynist. Women and men should have equal rights, and equal opportunities. But that does not mean we're the same, nor should we be. That doesn't mean all men conform or want to conform to male stereotypes or women conform or want to conform to female stereotypes. That's cool.

But my focus here is a renewed but traditional masculinity. To take back the good features that both men and most women want to see in a man, while leaving the oppression back on the dustheap of history, where it belongs.

This is not one of "those" seduction websites aimed at teaching men cheesy or manipulative tricks to get laid. There's material on seduction here, but I aim for it to be respectful and about genuinely turning nice guys into great men who are genuinely attractive to women.

About Me

I'm a late 30's successfull executive at a new media company. I'm divorced. I'm a dad to a wonderful little boy.

From early childhood I was notoriously shy and introverted. It took a long marriage to a wonderful woman where I slowly but surely started realizing how I kowtowed to her out of fear of losing her, and subsequently sabotaged myself (and her and my marriage) because I had been compromising myself and my values to start understanding what was going on. She responded by becoming more cynical and manipulative and angry, which made me angry and frustrated and at the same time got me to further compromise myself in attempts to make things work.

After messing up my marriage, things started unraveling - I started to understand the many behaviours we'd engaged in and how they fit in with ideas of social dynamics I'd learned about. My frustrations turned into a-ha moments where I recognized just how caught up we'd both become in this web we'd weaved of trying to build a relationship around our insecurities while pretending they weren't thre.

This started me on my journey to becoming a real man, after half a lifetime remaining that shy, scared little boy full of anxieties and totally socially uncalibrated.

It is a lifelong journey.

Why anonymous?

The reason I remain anonymous on here is a combination of the fact this is not my main business and I don't want this to interfere with my "day-job", combined with also wanting to protect the privacy of particularly my young son, but also my ex-wife and other people in my life who might not appreciate to be connected to the stories I tell of my life.

I don't try very hard for my identity to stay "secret" - that is not the point. Not having this business show up on every google search for my name, or their names, is. As such I hope you will respect this.